About Me

Alakhpreet Singh

Alakhpreet Singh is 28 years old, Chandigarh-based Entrepreneur who started his career in 2012 with little experience but proper knowledge and a significant amount of self-confidence. He started working on various projects at a slow pace while understanding them thoroughly.



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Till now he has worked on up to 800 Web Projects and counting. He owns 5+ Brands like Alakh Web Solutions, Mohali Bakers, Chandigarh Safari, Atmanirbhar Mart, and A Web-Based Training Center in Mohali. All brands are running and quite famous among the people.

He thinks that to create something you need a creative approach and attractive outlook, and proper knowledge of the project you wish to develop, CoinJoin His motive has always been to provide his clients with upgraded services. He has always given his best in every project whether it was small budgeted or substantial and he wishes to do the same for his upcoming clients and projects.

He started his training center in 2015 and has been training the students non-stop. Many students who passed from his center are now working in reputed companies and some of them also have got a chance to get jobs outside of India in various countries. He has always trained them according to their requirements MMCrypto. After completing their training he has also arranged many interview sessions at different companies for every student.